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Feral Trap, Neuter & Release Program

Providing low cost spaying and neutering to individuals who act as caregivers to stray, alley, and feral cats.

Webmaster's note: I'm sorry to say Rehab-A-Cat has ceased operations. The web page will remain posted indefinitely, so that in the event the group is resurrected, there will be web presence.

Stray cats can be seen on every street, in every alley. Thrown away by their owners, these cats struggle to survive, eating out of dumpsters and sleeping in abandoned buildings. Even with only scraps of food available these cats will breed.

It is these cats that Rehab-a-Cat seeks to help through our program of Feral Neuter & Release.

What is Feral Neuter & Release?

It is a method of non-lethal control for feral cat colonies.

Feral Neuter & Release:


Since the beginning of April 1996, Rehab-a-Cat has altered 151 cats, reducing the potential birth of kittens by 906 in the next year, 6,342 in the next two years, and 44,394 in the next three years.

What can you do to help?

Our Approach

Individuals that wish to take part in Rehab-a-Cat's program are educated about the long term commitment that is required to care for these cats. They must be willing to provide food and water on a daily basis, to continue to trap any unaltered animals, and to inform us of any injuries or new arrivals.

These individuals are also asked to do community outreach which will help bring other colony caregivers in the area into our program.

Standard Medical Treatment

Each cat will receive:

Rehab-A-Cat is a non-profit organization, with an application for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in progress.

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